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Direct mail is having a resurgence. Its former negative connotation is being associated with “junk mail.” Direct mail is tangible, affordable, easy to understand, and effective when done correctly. With the amount of email sitting in your inbox, a direct mail piece can exponentially impact your target consumer. It has a longer lifecycle than an email and typically touches more than one person. BUCKAZ is are a premier mailing facility. And offers a wide variety of mailing services from single piece fulfillment mailings to millions of pieces. Our technology services provide advanced mail merge processing and information tracking, offering a truly unique and extensive set of services. Our responsibilities include but are not limited to traditional mail campaigns, design, full in-house production, scheduling, mailing lists, message management, and execution. With on-site USPS verification, we remove some of the inherent costs making us more efficient and passing those savings to our customers.

Need help with Graphic Design and Layout?

It all starts with design and layout! We can help with all your design needs to ensure your files beautiful, print ready and to spec.

Post Cards

Postcards are a quick and great way to market and we design print and mail for you or provide your own design and allow us to print and mail.

Political Mailings

Political mailings are usually postcards. However, for a more personalized connection, a match mailing, when the envelope name and address match the name on the letter, have a higher response rate than postcards. The choice is yours depending on budget, speed, and your campaign goals.

Personalized Letter Mailings

Personalized (Variable Data) letter mailings are a more personal, and private, way of communicating with potential Clients.

We print the letters for you, such as Dear John, and match it to the envelope. You can also use a generic letter, no name or address on it, and we will fold it and insert it into an envelope for you.

Folding And Tabbing

Printed pieces that require folding and are mailed without an envelope are called self-mailers.

USPS Informed Delivery Campaigns

Have you used a USPS Informed Delivery Campaign? We offer those as well. The program offers an additional touch point to your audience in a digital way for mobile devices and computers.

We specialize in Informed Delivery campaigns which produce a higher response rate than campaigns that do not use Informed Delivery.

USPS Design Sizes and Requirements

We make sure your mail piece will comply with the USPS Automation requirements before you print so you avoid expensive mistakes like printing before we analyze your mail piece and paying for a reprint or a much higher postage rate potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Every Door Direct Mailing

We offer a full menu of direct mail services – mailing lists, addressing, data hygiene and duplicate removal, merge letters, postcard design and printing – and more. Plus we’ll handle all the sorting and addressing for bulk mail postage discounts.

Stuffing Envelopes

Stuffing envelopes is tedious and painstaking but necessary. Let the team at BUCKAZ handle all of your envelope stuffing needs. We have a team of dedicated staff that can get you envelopes stuffed and out to door on time.

Direct Mailing

Many companies and marketers know that direct-mail advertising is one of the most cost-effective and profitable mediums with a higher ROI than most other forms of advertising including television, the internet, and e-mail. If you’re looking to maximize your marketing budget and really connect with your customers or prospects if you haven’t taken advantage of direct mail, now is the time to consider it. With the ability to get very creative with your messaging and creating a product that will really pop with a heavy stock card with a glossy cover it’s time to put direct mail to use. It is a low customer acquisition cost and gives you the ability to coupon, provide discounts, QR code, and use inserts, it’s time to use direct mail to reach out to new and existing clients. Still not sure? Check out these statistics and let the team at BUCK help you with your direct mail projects.



In-House USPS Verification

Our high volume of print and mail produced on a daily basis has earned us the opportunity to have an on-site, USPS-staffed verification office. This ensures prompt, daily attention to all of your campaigns to verify size, weight, and rate, eliminating the chance of mail rejection or postal fines. It also reduces costs and saves time with no back and forth to an off-site USPS office allowing you to get faster, less expensive, and more efficient processing you can depend on.

We are certified experts at preparing mail for the Post Office. You can rely on us to accurately process your campaigns. Call us or request your free direct mail quote today!


Direct Mail Process at BUCKAZ

Step 1 - The Meeting

Begin with a thorough consultation. Over the telephone or in person we’ll discuss your ideas and goals, look at the budget, talk about mailing list options and develop a strategy for your direct mail marketing campaign.

Step 2 - The Proposal

After discussing and agreeing on how to proceed with your project, we’ll email a proposal to you. The proposal outlines the details of your direct mail campaign and payment options. With your OK, we’ll immediately begin working on your project.

Step 3 - The Design

You may use your own graphic designer or we’ll design your direct mailer for you – based on your supplied ad copy (verbiage). In 2-3 days you’ll receive a draft proof. Let us know about any changes or corrections that need to be made. We do not set limits on how many times you make reasonable changes or corrections.

Step 4 - Print and Mail

Within a few days, your direct mail campaign will be printed and mailed to your targeted mailing list. Normal turnaround is 5 or 6 working days following your sign off. Rush options are available. After your mailing goes out, we’ll send you the documentation from the post office as certification that your mailing was accepted.

Need help with Email Marketing?

Need email marketing help to pair with your direct mail campaign? We specialize in creating meaningful, eye catching email campaigns.

Direct Mail FAQ

We get asked this a lot and it really depends….Do you open a lot of spam email or just hit delete?  Do you opt-out or unsubscribe to unwanted emails?  It’s really not an either-or where we are concerned but we do believe the printed piece is the first point of entry for opening the eyes of the consumer.  But we’ll let the statistics speak for themselves…  

  1. On average, Americans receive 605 emails and 16.8 pieces of mail every week.
  2. For roughly every 36 emails you receive on average, you get 1 piece of mail in your mailbox.
  3. The average lifespan of an email is 17 seconds, compared to direct mail’s average lifespan of 17 days.
  4. 73% of American consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read it whenever they want.

The Bottom Line – Direct mail has a strong presence. It gets noticed, and allows for greater control by the recipient. This, in turn, makes it an effective way of reaching a large group of people.


  1. 58% of the mail American households receive is marketing mail.
  2. 59% of US respondents say they enjoy getting mail from brands about new products.
  3. 60% of catalog recipients visit the website of the company that mailed them the catalog.
  4. Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails.
  5. Prospects are 15% more likely to respond to an oversized mail piece if they have never done business with you.
  6. Per USPS, 98% of people check their mail daily and Americans spend upwards of 30 minutes with their mail on a single occasion.
  7. 68% of marketing respondents said combining digital and direct mail increased website visits.
  8. 60% of marketing respondents said combining digital and direct mail increased ROI.

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