Social Media Marketing & Paid Ads

Social Media Marketing & Paid Ads

 sWe develop social media campaigns to drive leads for your business where appropriate. We help you establish and expand your social media footprint for your brand and message. We set up and manage your paid advertising campaign designed to produce quality leads with the best possible ROI.

We will set up your ad campaigns, we will research and analyze your keywords, we will create landing pages, and we create ads to match your service or product offer. Once the campaign(s) is set up, we will maintain it monthly, analyze results, report, and make the necessary adjustment, optimizing it for better performance. 

Your customers are searching Google for products or services that you offer. Google allows us to display ads to those people who are searching, based on the keywords that they enter. Setting up paid ads will result in an immediate increase in website traffic and leads or potential sales.

We can set up your ads on Google, Facebook, Bing or Remarketing platforms depending on what makes the most sense to you and your business. We determine that when we analyze your needs and discuss them with you. 

Details of work typically include:

Setup Work (one time):

  • Keyword research (Google Ads)
  • Audience definition and creation (Facebook)
  • Ads creation (text, images, URLs) both Google and Facebook
  • Landing page design and creation
  • Conversion Tracking code setup so we can measure which leads come from which ad network
  • Set up lead capture forms using your CRM system and corresponding Automation Campaign(s) – one per ad network (if you have a Marketing Automation System.)
  • Place a retargeting pixel to begin collecting an audience for later (if desired)
  • Setup or Optimize ad accounts (Google, Facebook).
  • Launch the campaign live upon approval.  

Management Work (monthly):

  • Monthly create performance reports
  • Optimize ad campaigns, update keywords, remove negative keywords, adjust ad texts and visual assets (Facebook, Instagram). Adjust the target audience.
  • Monthly status calls with the client including strategy, the addition of new services, products, ideas, campaigns.
  • Adjustment of the landing pages as needed
  • Adjustment of the Automation Campaigns as needed
  • The offer of new idea suggestions

 Retargeting ads (future if desired):

  • We will include the collection pixel set up in the initial setup
  • When you are ready to add a new budget for retargeting the following work will be done:
  • Create display ads, (6 different sizes),
  • Launch, Monitor, Optimize, Report

Contact us for a customized recommendations. 

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