Website Production

Website Production

We design and develop websites and private portals (with a private user ID and password) or membership websites per your specifications and requirements using the most current web technologies, fully responsive (mobile friendly), secure and user-friendly.

Website production or redesign starts with an understanding of what our client needs. We gather the requirements and desired features in detailed client meetings face to face or conference calls. Once we have an understanding of what is needed for a website we start the design process.

Depending on the scope of the website, we use either a custom design process where one of our designers draws out the look and feel for a few of the main pages in Photoshop. The designed layouts are published as images and sent to the client for approval. The client typically may have a few changes, which we make to the designs.

Alternatively, if the scope demands, we also just use the most modern layout templates to create the desired look and feel. This allows for a more economical and quicker website which is still very attractive and functional.

In either case upon client approval of the design layouts, we start website development which involves coding, and architecture of website elements.

Typically, we develop the new or updated website in a “development” server which could be the clients or ours.

One of the most important elements of a great website is content. The text on the pages will serve to attract not only potential visitors but also the search engines. We ensure that the text on the website is optimized for search engines with your main target keywords that your clients will use on Google and other search engines to find your website.

After the new website is approved on the development server, we then move it to your main production web server. We ensure that all your old page URLs get redirected to the new URLs to preserve the old traffic.

We also ensure that your new website gets indexed and submitted to the search engines.

All of our websites are responsive and mobile friendly.


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